Pricelist since 01.01.2022

    EKA and EMTA students
 1 month1 daydeposite1 month1 daydeposite
One place in twin room120 eur17 eur255 eur100 eur15 eur220 eur
Two places in twin room240 eur34 eur510 eur200 eur30 eur440 eur
One place in triple room105 eur16 eur225 eur85 eur14 eur190 eur
One place in single room270 eur35 eur570 eur230 eur31 eur490 eur
Suite370 eur40 eur780 eur315 eur40 eur670 eur
Family apartment370 eur45 eur760 eur315 eur35 eur650 eur
Basement studio4.00 eur/m2  3.00 eur/m2  
Basement practising room4.00 eur/m2  3.00 eur/m2  
Utilities: water, electricity, heating, garbage will be added to above prices
Sauna 1h13 eur   
Parking lot60 eur4 eur  
Room cleaning1 hour   
 27 eur